the band playing

band playingsweet i love surfing


9 Responses to “the band playing”

  1. Bigab Says:

    nice website dude and thanx for the walking on walls and how did you become a cptrainer.

  2. cag97 Says:


  3. cag97 Says:


  4. dezertdiva Says:

    kk the band playing HOW DO U GET SMILEYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cag97 Says:

    how do you get a wordpress and how do you get pictures?????????????????????????

  6. cpmac Says:

    great site!!!
    check out mine.

  7. Quinotn Says:

    can u be my buddy

  8. Audrey Says:

    hey! i was wondering what are those penguins at the top of ur website? also i have a question; that walking on walls thing? yea that doesnt work anymore… maybe i just got confused about some of the rules… CP got bought by Disney and they’ve totally gotten rid of all of the cheats exept for nubbing (as far as i know, that is). email me at kk?

  9. cpmac Says:

    i quit and im not gving any betas to any one.
    for prove go to:
    good bye for the last

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