weird new iceberg found (not real)

weird new iceberg found (not real)


8 Responses to “weird new iceberg found (not real)”

  1. dwadewookie Says:

    bond can i borrwo this pic 4 my site ill say its urs and put a link to ur site

  2. nicster123 Says:

    thats kinda wierd

  3. nicster123 Says:

    visit my web site at nic

  4. Rey Rey2006 Says:

    Thats very very strange

  5. some55 Says:

    wierd the pet shop is on the ice burg?

  6. Belldranit Says:

    this is totally strange

  7. Jrmfnqrs Says:

    V0me1e comment3 ,

  8. Andrew Says:

    Its photoshoped u retards! DurDur

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