3d glasses

3dĀ glasses3d glasses sounds like bond3d kinda


14 Responses to “3d glasses”

  1. graits125 Says:


  2. graits125 Says:

    cool izit

  3. kameme989 Says:

    i wanna how in the world you get the 3 -D glasses

  4. kameme989 Says:

    awesome this is so cool & bye the way im 2 kool 4 skool

  5. kameme989 Says:

    and ur weird graits

  6. JIMBO52 Says:


  7. nina Says:


  8. Jeff Hardy11 Says:

    ohhhh nina is bad im reporting her

  9. melissa Says:

    nina why do you have to swear):

  10. lime Says:

    nina said th s word!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alice488 Says:

    Um what about the new catalog???? It doesnt work there!!!!!!!

  12. slipslidebye Says:

    IT DOESN’T WORK ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Psn2000 Says:

    nina im only nine im not aloud to swear): im gonna play goldeneye wii my names &.Virus

  14. vrbs24 Says:

    doesnt work

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