8 Responses to “item”

  1. cag97 Says:

    this is all your clothes bond3d

  2. ckac Says:

    how do youy get that screen with all your clothes up???????

  3. ckac Says:

    plz plz tell me, i’v byn trying to get it up for a loooooooong time.

  4. ckaack Says:

    ya how do you get that up?

  5. dezertdiva Says:

    i really want the pink jacket

  6. ANTHONY Says:

    dude wats ur pazzword i want it but i no u wont tell me but if u can ill pay 50 bukz

  7. darkgrass Says:

    suuuuuuure you will ANTHONY

  8. Brumble Says:

    Hi : ) I like your websitee. i want the pink hoodie & the pink bikini lol .

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